Urban Chickens

Our chickens go crazy for LocalSols dried feeder worms. Its fun to see how excited they get and its nice knowing the added protein is improving their overall health!
- Jay H. Local Chicken Owner

100% natural dried feeder worms packed with supportive nutrients for your chickens AND this supplement is sustainably made from local food scraps (especially brewery spent grains) which keeps waste from landfills where they’d decompose and cause greenhouse.

We offer a high-protein, high-fat animal-based feed supplement that improves your chickens’ health, along with boosting the nutritional density of the eggs and meat the chickens provide.

Well-fed chickens make nutrient-rich eggs. As breeders of nutritious, dried black soldier fly feeder worms, LocalSols helps you to raise healthy, well-fed chickens. 

Veterinarians recommend feeding ducks and chickens dried black soldier fly worms for their heightened amount of calcium to phosphorous ratio (15:1), which reduces the need of any calcium supplementation for your animals.

Here is a summary of the key benefits of LocalSols Dried-Feeder Worms: 

  • 34% – 45% protein in the worm improves the molting phase
  • 42% fat allows chickens to retain important vitamins
  • 7% fiber helps chickens to "keep things moving
  • 5% calcium is critical for strong chicken eggs

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