Raise Healthier Pets With Organic Pet Foods, Made In a Way That Also REDUCES Greenhouse Gases


Did you know that pets in the US account for more than 25% of the carbon footprint of meat consumption in the United States? In fact, if Americans’ pets were their own country, they would rank fifth in carbon impact from meat consumption, behind only Russia, Brazil, the United States and China (click here for more details)! While this is concerning, owners of carnivorous pets have never really had an alternative…until now.  

Our 100% organic pet foods are packed with the nutrients your pets need to thrive AND are made in a way that help the planet thrive too!  That’s because, unlike proteins from industrial slaughterhouse, our proteins are from a 100% natural process that mimics nature’s carbon cycle AND actually REDUCE your pet’s carbon footprint! Our 100% natural process uses locally sourced foods and nutrients (spent grains and co-op produce) to ethically raise the proteins that are the base of our products (interestingly, despite their name, “spent grains” shockingly still contain the vast majority of their nutrients, almost 100% of their protein, complex carbohydrates and vitamins/minerals!).  Typically, these spent grains and produce would be sent to landfills where they would decay into methane gas – one of the worst greenhouse gases – but by buying our products made from these, our customers have helped us keep these nutrients out of landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100,000 lbs and counting! Click here to learn more about our proteins.