Live Feeder Worms For Small Reptiles - Nutrition Packed, 100% Organic, Chicago Raised!

"My daughter loves the live feeder worms. No more being woken up by crickets! No more bad smell in her room! They don’t die off as quickly as other bugs and are easy to handle and feed. The fact that they are grown locally, from up-cycled food scraps is just incredible. Yet another small way we can contribute to reducing waste."

- Rebecca W. from Evanston, IL


As you have probably seen with your searches, there is no shortage of advice on the best small reptile diet, so we won’t reinvent the wheel here, but we will say that for general diet and care instructions, we tend to rely on the Merck Veterinary Manual, which you can find here 

When it comes to feeders for small reptiles, the LocalSols live feeders bring a number of strengths to a properly balanced diet: 




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