Healthier Planet

All LocalSols products are 100% organic and are made by "up-cycling" local food waste. We start our up-cycling process by collecting spent grains from our good friends at Hopewell Brewery in Wicker Park. 

Once grains are used in their brewing process these "spent grains" would previously have been sent to a local landfill where their decay would create methane gas - one of the worst greenhouse gases.

Now, instead of sending these "spent grains" to the landfill, we collect them and feed them to our black solider fly worms (who LOVE to eat them, by the way).

Everybody wins - we keep food waste out of landfills (reducing greenhouse gases), we up-cycle this food waste by feeding it to black-solider fly worms (who love to eat it), and from this process we make 100% organic products including plant food, live-feeder pet food (Bearded Dragons love these worms), and dried-feeder pet food for urban chickens.

We feel good because we're doing our part to make the planet a bit healthier - and you can feel good, too, by supporting LocalSols and our partner companies, such as Hopewell Brewery.