Healthier Planet

By buying LocalSols, our customers have now kept over 100,000 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere! Not only are our products 100% organic, the 100% natural processes we use keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.  So, how exactly are we contributing to a healthier planet?

We start with a local communities unused nutrients.  In Chicago, we partner with our good friends at Hopewell Brewery in Wicker Park to use their spent grains.

Typically, a brewer’s spent grains are sent to a landfill where their decay would create methane gas – one of the worst greenhouse gases.  Despite their name, “spent grains” shockingly still contain the vast majority of their nutrients (almost 100% of their protein, complex carbohydrates and vitamins/minerals!).  


That’s where we step in.  We take those nutrients and use a 100% natural process to transform them into high quality, protein and nutrient rich organic pet foods and compost the rest into nutrient rich organic plant foods.  The beauty of this, if we may say so ourselves, is the process keeps those nutrients out of landfills where they’d decompose into greenhouse gases.

Our first step is to feed the spent grains to black soldier fly (BSF) worms (who LOVE to eat them, by the way).  BSF worms are nature’s most efficient way to transform the nutrients in the grains into nutrients for pets. The next step is to take what’s left over (mostly the fibrous wheat husk) and feed it to red wiggler worms, nature’s most efficient way to transform fiber into nutrient rich compost for plants.  

Everybody wins. Nutrients aren’t wasted.  Pets get organic, nutrient rich foods. Plants get nutrient dense compost. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and LocalSols customers make a meaningful contribution to a healthier planet.