Grow Healthier Plants With 100% Organic Plant Foods – Made In A Way That Also REDUCES Greenhouse Gases!

That pic is from our community garden. I started out doing a side by side test, but by week 6 the plants on the LocalSols side were looking so much stronger that I bailed on the test. Best harvest ever! Will definitely be a repeat buyer
Ryan S.- Master Gardner
100% organic plant food packed with supportive nutrients for your plants. AND this plant food is sustainably made from local food scraps (especially brewer spent grains) using our double composting process, which keeps waste from landfills where they’d decompose and cause greenhouse

As you can see, our results speak for themselves. In addition to the nutrients, our organic plant food has a high percentage of organic matter (OM) which improves soil structure by promoting aeration, retaining the moisture for the roots, and allowing the roots to grow deeper and stronger.


And each bag of LocalSols removes emissions equivalent to over 10 lbs of coal!!!!! Now, that’s sustainability you can feel good about!