Handling A Bearded Dragon - Top 3 Tips

Most people are attracted to bearded dragons because they usually take well to handling. There are many opinions about how best to go about “taming” your dragon, but before we get into the resources we’ve found most helpful, a few points to keep in mind:   

  • Provide Support: The goal is to make them feel balanced.    
  • Pet Gently & Slowly: You may find your beardie enjoys the petting, but do it gently and with the scales.  
  • Shedding: Resist the temptation to “help” them with shedding as you could damage healthy scales.  

Here are the top 3 resources we’ve found helpful if you want to go in depth on enclosure topics:

That said, we recommend watching a few more YouTube videos to familiarize yourself with different approaches as each beardie can be different.