3 Points To Make When Trying To Convince Your Parents To Get A Bearded Dragon

Have you resorted to whining because you haven’t been able to convince your parents to let you get a bearded dragon?  Here are a few quick points:

Show Them You Are Ready: You know caring for something is a commitment, so start showing them examples of being ready for the responsibility... getting things done without complaining will go a long way.

Get Them Comfortable Around Reptiles: Local pet shows are a great place to take parents to get them comfortable around bearded dragons (and loads of other reptiles!), so get them on the family calendar.  Also, find your local herpetology groups so they can meet other adults who can answer their questions.

Understand The Details: Make sure you know all about caring for the animal you want. What are the cage requirements? What’s the cost? What does it eat and why should your parents believe you can handle the feeding?   

Here are some additional resources that may also be helpful:

Good luck!