100% Organic Products. Upcycled From Local UnUsed Foods For:

Healthier Pets

Treat your pets to the nutritious and delicious Black Soldier Fly feeder worms raised spent grains from a local brewery.

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Healthier Plants

LocalSols all natural, 100% organic plant food is packed with supportive nutrients for healthier plants and better vegetables.

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Healthier Planet

LocalSols customers have kept 34,470 pounds of unused food from creating greenhouse gases in local landfills.

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My daughter loves the live feeder worms for her bearded dragon. No more being woken up by crickets! No more bad smell in her room! They don’t die off as quickly as other bugs and are easy to handle and feed. The fact that they are grown locally, from up-cycled food scraps is just incredible. Yet another small way we can contribute to reducing waste.

Rebecca W.

I started out doing a side-by-side test, but by week 6, the plants on the LocalSols side were looking so much stronger that I bailed and the test and used your plant food on all the plants. Best harvest ever! Will definitely be a repeat buyer!

Ryan S.

Our Mission

Create simple ways for people to meaningfully reduce their community’s greenhouse gas emissions

Our First Step: we start with a local community’s food by-products, like a brewery’s spent grains. These by-products would normally be sent a landfill to decompose into greenhouse gases, but LocalSols aims to divert them to our facilities where we then use natural processes to “up-cycle” them into high-quality organic pet and plant foods. So, by purchasing our products, our customers are meaningfully reducing their community’s greenhouse gas emissions by helping to keep the by-product out of landfills. So far, 34,470 pounds have been kept out of from greenhouse gas producing landfills!

Our Ask: join us on our mission by sharing our story and using our products so together we can reduce greenhouse gases and create more sustainable communities

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